Saturday, December 31, 2011

~Happy New Year! (+ Guest Post)~

Oh 2011 you have been a doll!
You were a great year of "making it happen"
Turning my passion into my little blossoming business has been SO MUCH FUN. I'm kind of obsessed with weddings . . . 

Let's rewind . . .
In January on a fun happy hour with the hubby (after a few cocktails) we were discussing our future, my passion and my craft business at the time (an Etsy shop here). I love anything and everything creative so I loved crafting it up, but I was working so hard with little benefit and a room full of crafts.
I also work a full time job, but I knew there was something MORE, somehow a way to tie my love for helping people, creativity, making things pretty, where I knew I could shine and be successful. I was always the first one my friends and family would ask to help them with their wedding, or the first to claim planning anyone's shower or party of any kind!

I HAD thought about wedding planning but thought no b/c a good friend of mine just started her own wedding planning business (shout out to Editt!) so I didn't want to "copy".
BUT after talking and talking with my hubby he gave me that last little push to just put all caution to the wind and DO IT!

I went right home and started this here little blog, a website and ordered business cards right away.

Looking back this one of the BEST DECISIONS I have made 
(beside marrying this amazing man in 2008)

Thank you everyone that has been supportive, believed in me and all of the freaking fantastic people I have met on this journey!!! So ridiculously fun and it just feels like me, just feels right!

This year:
I have planned and coordinated 7 weddings:
and made some great friends!

~Corey and Kyle~

~Megan and Justin~

~Brooke and Andy~

(What a gorgeous couple, so full of love for life and each other it was adorable! Sad story.  Read here. And here.  I was honored to help them with their big day, and shed many tears when I heard the news 10 days after their big wedding Andy had a heart attack while working out and passed away 10 days after marriage at the age of 27, and just a few days after moving to FL with Brooke.  Such a crazy sad story but I know they were meant to get married and glad I could witness such strong and amazing love. Brooke my heart still goes out to you and I am so proud to see you being strong!)

~Destiny and Fili~

~Lindsay and Mike~

~Abiade and Ernie's 2 day wedding extravaganza~

I have done my first styled shoot
(featured over at Bow Ties and Bliss)

~Vintage Glam Inspiration Shoot~

And met the lovely Mariah Gentry and have started our
new wedding show producing company NW Budget Brides 

and we produced an amazing wedding show/fashion show in September in Seattle.
Over 450 guests, 30 vendors, a fashion show and tons of prizes, not too bad for our first show!
 (cake by Baked)
  (cake by Baked)
 (Modern Mood Designs Vendor booth)
 (Salsa N Seattle Performance- amazing!)
 One of the gorgeous models
 "Here Comes the Bride" cute flowers girls starting off the fashion show
(Photography by Tanmay Ganacharya)

2011 you have been grand! 
But I do have to say 2012 seems even bigger and brighter!

Here's to a fabulously happy NEW YEAR 
and an even better 2012 full of making wishes come true, success, happiness, balance and feeling complete.

Life is good, Enjoy!!!

Psssst . . . more good stuff today, go visit A Northwood Wedding's blog and check out my guest post and leave some love!


  1. tamara! you are an inspiration to me. I so hope 2012 turns out like 2011 did for you!! xoxo

  2. Wow sounds like a fun filled wedding year...can't wait to see more! :-) Happy New Year!

  3. its so greta that you turned your passion into a new business!! heres to lots more weddings in 2012!

  4. Wow girl, I can't believe you have planned 7 weddings in the short time that you started your business! Here's to things looking way way up in 2012!

  5. Hi! We just found your blog. It's beautiful!! Wow, you coordinated 7 weddings in a year...that's awesome. I love wedding blogs! I got married in Mexico October 2009 and it was such a great experience. We are following you and would love for you to visit our blog sometime and follow if you like.
    Happy New Year!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings