Tuesday, September 25, 2012

~Sweet Review, Thanks Stephanie!~

"Tamara is a gem. She is easy to work with, positive, energetic, organized and professional! She has an abundance of great and creative ideas, and she knows how to work on a budget. Everything you could ever want in a wedding planner. We got so lucky with her! Thanks to her help our wedding ran smoothl and totally stress-free. The decorations were even better than we imagined, we loved our cupcakes (done by a vendor she works with), and overall we were just so glad she was there to help guide us through. We got so much praise not just from our guests but from our caterer, photographer, even my hair and makeup stylist because of how organized she was and how easy it was to communicate with her. It was like having one of my good friends plan my wedding! She is just fabulous. Thanks Tamara, you're the best!"

Stephanie YOU my dear are a gem.  So full of life and hilarious! LOVED your vows, like they were the best ever.  You and your dad's dance was the bomb.  I loved loved working with you and Eric and hope we can remain friends forever and ever!
(This is my talented photographer Gabriel Van Whye doing what it takes to get the perfect shot, of the GORGEOUS Stephanie!)

See I am such a lucky planner to have such amazing friends/clients, right?!

I have been getting so many more sweet words, will post them here with ALL of the amazing pics from my crazy summer full of weddings soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~Mark and Jennifer's Trailer by MEW Films!~

Mark + Jennifer: Wedding Highlight from mew films on Vimeo.

I am super beyond excited to share this with you guys! Filmed by the oh so talented MEW Films.  Check out my amazingly gorgeous bride and all of the fun details of the day.  SUCH an amazing wedding to be a part of.  I can't wait to share the photography by Photo Elan as well soon.

Jennifer and Mark you two are adorable!

(he he you can see me during the "grand entrance" in the video in action)

Vendor Credits:

CEREMONY VENUE: Ella Bailey Park 
RECEPTION VENUE: Ray's Boathouse 
OFFICIANT: ChaplainDale 
RENTALS: Miller Rent All
MUSICIAN: JennanOaks
CAKE/SNACKS: Divine Confections
VINTAGE CARS: Remodel Tom 

~Simply by Tamara Nicole~

Monday, September 17, 2012

~Tips for my Brides #4: Boutonniere Photography!~

Happy Monday lovies!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, we sure did! My couple Sarah and Simon tied the knot on Saturday and we all had a BLAST at their wedding.  Details and photos to come :)

Anyway I wanted to continue my small tips to my brides here!

                                                                      Source: etsy.com via Tamara on Pinterest

Tips for My Brides #4: Boutonniere Photography

                                                             Source: everylastdetailblog.com via Tamara on Pinterest

I will be one of the first to admit that planning a wedding is a LOT of work. A LOT of wedding details to plan (that's why I have a job, right?!).

                                                                     Source: stylemepretty.com via Tamara on Pinterest

So with all of the many details you have to think about, a lot of the little things get overlooked. Like a photo of the boutonnieres or bouquets by themselves.

                                                                      Source: stylemepretty.com via Tamara on Pinterest

This is one of my fave shots that I tell all of my brides to make sure that the photographers get this. Just because it is so darn cute. You pay for the boutonnieres (and some of you make them!) so why not show them off, so that you can remember how cute they were?

                                                                    Source: ruffledblog.com via Tamara on Pinterest

All you need is a fun background to lay them on. That's it!

                                                              Source: greenweddingshoes.com via Tamara on Pinterest

Some can even take it one step further and add in tags for them. LOVE this little detail. LOVE.

                                                                         Source: ruffledblog.com via Tamara on Pinterest

                                                           Source: hannahkoodesigns.blogspot.com via Tamara on Pinterest

What do you think?

~Simply by Tamara Nicole~

Saturday, September 15, 2012

~FEATURED! Vintage Picnic E-session~

Oh yes while I was away on vaca to Germany I got a great message from my friend and photographer Simply Sonja Photography.

Our styled E-session had been featured over at one of the top UK wedding blogs!!!

Go check out the adorable couple HERE 
(SO funny,  I ended up actually knowing the bride, 
we went to the same middle and high school!) 
and all of our fun decor.

I will be doing a blog post with details and projects here soon!

Photography by Simply Sonja Photography
Vintage Items from Vintage Ambiance

Thursday, September 13, 2012

~Tips For My Brides #3: Hangers!~

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous week:)

Today's tip for brides:

***Get a nice hanger***

                                                                       Source: lilafrancesdesigns.com via Erin on Pinterest

Oh yes this is SUCH a small detail, but a huge thing for me.  
For serious.

I asked one of my past brides if there was anything they would have done different, any advice to other brides. 
The ONE thing she said was that she wished that she had thought of getting a nice hanger for her dress, or even just using a wood one.

                                                                 Source: janamorganblog.com via Tamara on Pinterest

NOW I always tell each and every one of my brides to make sure and have a fun/cute hanger for their wedding dress.  
The "dress shot" is a huge important one, and can be so beautiful. 
 Why would you want to ruin this with an icky cheap plastic hanger?

                                                                 Source: unitedwithlove.com via Julianne on Pinterest

I can assure you that photographers agree.

                                                                           Source: etsy.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Even taking it one step further . . .
Coordinate some cute hangers for the bridesmaids as well.
It can make a cute little gift, a personalized hanger for the maids dresses.

                                                                        Source: weddingwindow.com via Tamara on Pinterest

AND make for a great photo
I see photos of the bridesmaid dresses with the bride's dress . . . but there is all these random sizes, materials and colors of hangers.  It kind of distracts from the beautiful dresses.

                  Source: sunshineandpearls.tumblr.com via Tamara on Pinterest

Ok so you may think that I am being too detailed of picky . . . but that's my job right?! :)

Trust me.  Do it.

~Simply by Tamara Nicole~

P.S. BIG wedding day for Sarah and Simon this Saturday, can't wait!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~I'm baaaaack!~

Yup the hubby and I just returned from an AMAZING trip all over Germany.  It was FABULOUS! Much needed to refresh and re-group after a super duper busy wedding summer of wedding ever weekend for several months.

SO refreshed and recharged and ready to head into my amazing fall weddings!

Soon to come: PHOTOS of all of my summer weddings, I have a TON of amazing eye candy-filled weddings to share here soon!

Like this one:
(from the uber talented Affinity Photography)
Of an AMAZING couple and their Indian/American fusion wedding that we worked super hard on. LOVE them! Can't wait to share.

ALSO I may slip in a few posts full of pics from Germany (we took over 5000! Lol and they are amazing).

Take care xoxo

P.S. a huge WARM welcome to my newest bride Kendra and her fiance!!! You are so adorable and full of energy I can't wait for April 20th 2013!