Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~Oooh la la Orange~

Love this dress!
How fun to spice up a white dress with your wedding colors just by the tulle underneath!

So pretty!

Photography: Sara Jayne
Dress: Mrs. Kennedy by Stephanie James

I would have totally done this . . . but in red! LOVE love love

What do you think?!

Well enjoy the rest of your week lovies!

Monday, May 30, 2011

~Wedding BBQ~

In lieu of Memorial Day today . . .
I found some fun wedding bbq ideas I wanted to share!
So relaxed and perfect for an outdoor wedding,
or if the bride and groom just luuuurve their bbq food.

Cute Bbq Wedding Invites! Texas of course:-)

A whole bbq display wiith kabobs, corn, pulled pork burgers, rolls, fries, etc. So fun right?!

Ummmm how cute?! Homemade bbq sauce tied with raffia and different flavors as a favor at a bbq wedding?! Yummm.

Super cute, all of it! Love the little bags with "chow down" and "good grub" that have utensils and a napkin.  Fun wedding!

I would love to help a bride plan a fun "country bbq" wedding some day, they just look like a blast! Maybe throw in some fun line dancing and lawn games . . . perfection!

I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day (US) or just having a great Monday otherwise!
Wish it would warm up here in Seattle, WA so we could BBQ too! :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

~Gorgeousness, Pure Gorgeousness~

Umm love this photo, and the dress is pretty amazing too

I've seen a lot of bridal gowns with fun colors instead of the normal white . . . even black wedding dresses!
Love how there is no "normal" for weddings these days and you can do anything you want.
Wooo hooo!

Are you a fan of a colorful wedding dress?

I hope you all have a fabulous day loves!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Wedding Trend: The Midnight Snack~

Don't you just love the weddings that go into the night . . . some even until the am hours . . . and keep the energy and fun up throughout the night?  Those are my kind of weddings!

How to keep the dancing energy up?

The Midnight Snack
Milk and Cookies!

Milk and Doughnuts in a cute carry case to take with them after a night of dancing.

What to serve? Pick the bride and grooms all time fave snack:
whether it is cheeseburgers, popcorn, ice cream, taco wagon,
whatever as long as it's special to the couple it makes it that much more meaningful!


Are you a midnight snack at wedding fan?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

~Escort Card Love: Part Two~

Hello there loves!
Hope your weekend is going well:-)

I am slightly obsessed with fun escort cards right now . . .
Part 1 was here if you missed it.

More Escort Card Love:
Love the moss, the pretty calligraphy and the vintage box! So pretty.

Succulents! Love the dual excort card/gift duality,
 and how fun is that chevron yellow print?!
Coca Cola Bottles with wooden escort tags . . . so fun!
Lemonade with striped straws: cute and refreshing!

Which one is your fave idea out of these 4?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend dearies!

Friday, May 20, 2011

~Bridesmaid Dress Perfection~

Hurray for sunny Fridays!
The weather is amazing out here in Seattle today . . .
it's my birthday weekend . . .
Life is pretty amazing!

To top this amazing-ness off, I found the cutest bridesmaid photo that I am in love with:
What better option to give your bridesmaids than to pick their own dress in a certain color palatte? Each person has their own individuality, can get a dress in their own budget range, and to fit their body type.

So cute!

I wish I had done this for my wedding! Sorry guys:-)
At least I can help my bride's with theirs!

Are you a fan of differing colors and styles for bridesmaid dresses?

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~Destination Wedding: Hawaii!~

Yup you read that correct . . . here we come Hawaii!

I can't hardly wait to help my bride plan her
Hawaii destination wedding

I've been busy today researching photographers, make up artists, ideas, etc.

So fun!

Looking forward to . . .

Have you been to any destiantion weddings???
They are simply amazing!

Monday, May 16, 2011

~Escort Card Hunt . . . Part 1~

I've been scouring the web for some fun, fresh escort card ideas for my brides . . .

Oh and did I mention I had another few meetings this past week?!
I LOVE this job! So fun:-)

Ok enough of me . . .back to escort cards:
A few recent finds that I swoon over!

Scroll banner as escort card in yummy treat: brilliant!

Ok I am a HUGE fan of this . . . because you guys know how I love me some cake pops!

Anthropologie style alphabet mugs . . . but DIY! Add in your fave drink
(pictured here hot cocoa mix) and add a name a viola!

Luggage Tags!
Planning a travelers wedding, this is the perfect escort card/favor idea! LOVE!

These days people are all about dual function . . . so why not have your escort/seating card double as a favor?! That way it's not just a pretty piece of paper that will be thrown away, and it's less to lug to the wedding:-)

I have many more fun escort card finds coming this week, I have found SO many I can't wait to use these ideas in the weddings I help plan!

Any other great escort card ideas out there?
Enjoy your Monday!

Friday, May 13, 2011

~Sweetie Pie~

What a clever and adorable idea!
Your favorite pie slices as a favor idea . . . or instead of wedding cake for a fun backyard wedding!

What was your all time favorite wedding favor you received?
Me: roasted coffee beans labeled "The Perfect Blend" roasted by the father of the bride.

~Simply by Tamara Nicole~

Monday, May 9, 2011

~Seattle Wedding Venues: The Woodmark Hotel~

Hello there!
What a busy weekend I had with Simply by Tamara Nicole.
Soooo much fun:-)

(Andy and Brooke for drinks, had a blast!)
(Erika for coffee to discuss her Hawaii wedding)
(am: Megan, Justin and mom at Kerry Park)
(pm: Corey and her adorable girls for viewing her venue and discussing details)
(Meeting at a salon to discuss discounts for my brides!)

So much wedding excitement over here I can hardly contain myself!

Ok on to my post . . .
I wanted to share with you some amazing venues around the Seattle area that I get the priveledge to work with this summer
Today's highlight:

The Woodmark Hotel
Kirkland, Wa

Located right on Lake Washington . . .
The Woodmark Hotel is a perfect gorgeous location for a wedding.
AND the staff is super friendly and fun to work with
(shout out to Whitney!)

Their tent:
Here are some wedding photography shots from weddings at The Woodmark . . . enjoy!
(After July 16th I will have our own photos to share from Corey and Kyle's wedding)

 They take you out on a boat after your ceremony to enjoy a glass of champagne and a moment alone before the reception . . . and for some great photos!

They have an amazing stairwell for photos . . .

Gorgeous right?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

~Outdoor Weddings: Lawn Games!~

What a great way to add some fun to your wedding . . .
LOVE this idea and I can't wait to plan an outdoor/backyard wedding for someone!

Psssst welcome to my newest couple . . . Brooke and Andy!
Wedding Date July 23rd
Soooo excited to be a part of your wedding fun:-)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

~Wedding Hair: The Updo~

The Updo . . .
so sweet, feminine and classy.

Check out these amazingly gorgeous hair ideas . . .

How did/will you wear your hair on the BIG day?
Me: I had a side pony all curled with a side swept bang . . . but if I could do it again I'd do one of these.
The reason?  You can dance all night long and your hair is up and out of the way.
Not to mention these styles are so adorable!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~Amazing Wedding Photograph~

Simply amazing photograph . . .
and I can't find the photographer to give credit.

How whimsical and romantic.

(Pssssst if you have Pinterest let me know, borderline obsessed right now.)


P.S. Good things coming up with Simply by Tamara Nicole. 
Soooo excited I can't sleep. Stay tuned!

Monday, May 2, 2011

~Gorgeous Wedding Cakes~

I am always browsing for wedding inspiration . . .
and have found so many stunning feminine wedding cakes.
Why didn't I see these when I was planning my own wedding?!

Oh well at least I can help my brides with some fun cake ideas . . .

The Classic Wedding Cake
This is so beautiful and girlie! Love the big bow

My favorite cake!!!

Like buttons on the back of a dress . . . so pretty!

The ombre color of this cake is divine!

 Whimsical and fun!
Love the leaves and woodland feel of this cake.

Modern Twists on Wedding Cake
Hillary Duff's Frosting Free Cake

Cake Shooters! LOVE this idea:-)

What are your thoughts on wedding cake?

Enjoy your day!