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~How to Throw a Bridal Shower~

Bridal Showers:
We all want our party to be the one that everyone talks about . . .
to be an amazing hostess.

And we've all been in the planner's shoes at one point or another 
                                                                           Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Who is in charge?!
In more traditional weddings, the Maid of Honor (MOH) plans the bridal shower with assistance from the bridesmaids. These days it can be whoever wants to, and it always helps to get help from others. :)

                                                                       Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

 It is important to consider the timing as it is considered normal to throw a shower about two months prior to the wedding as the bride may have several showers to attend, as well as so many other things going on.
Ask the bride when works, and set a date.  Usually I've seen showers Saturday pr Sunday brunch style, but it can be whenever works!
                                                                                   Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

In my opinion this is extremely important in planning a party.  You want things to flow. Coordinate.  Think about your bride, and her style and choose an appropriate theme.
BUT also know that this shouldn't be identical to the wedding style, let the wedding stand out on its own.

Keep it light, fun and upbeat.
All about the bride!

Here are some great ideas for themes from
the Hostess with the Mostess

Here are some of my favorite themes:
                                                                    Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Tea Party
Garden Party
Cupcakes and Coffee
Breakfast at "Tiffany's"
French Flair
but there are sooo many options, and as long as you carry it throughout the shower it can almost be anything, but cater it towards the bride and her personality or "likes".

Good Eats

                            Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

In my eyes, the two most important things to focus on as a hostess is:
great food, and fun classy decor
If you have a great unique selection of food and beverages, people will be impressed and happy.  Score even more points by making a cute dessert table display that coordinates with your theme

 and label your food dishes in style.

Keep the theme going with the decor. 
Make sure decor is classy, not tacky!

                                                                      Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Oh the famous bridal shower games. 
Either you love them or you hate them. 
No matter how you feel, they usually are part of the shower, and work great to break the ice when people do not know each other.
Consider the bride and the guests as you think of these, and keep it just to 2-3 games so there's plenty of time to chat, open gifts and enjoy each other's company.
(For some free game ideas go here)

                                                                Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Cute favors can go a long way at a shower!
As long as it coordinates with your theme and colors, no matter what you decide to give, package it nicely and people will love it.
                                                           Source: via Gilbertine on Pinterest

Tea party . . . hand out some yummy tea bags with cute labels.
Wine and cheese . . . wine with fun customizes lables.
Garden theme . . . hand out some cute flower pots with treats, or plant seeds.

A few more tips
*Make sure that there are plenty of photos taken
(for larger showers consider hiring a photographer)

*Keep it fun and light and all about the bride

*Keep the drinks flowing . . . eases up the party and makes it silly
(but watch out for the lushes! No drama.)

*Name tags so people call each other by names.  Maybe have them also right how they know the bride.

Most important:
Have fun!
                                                                         Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Do you guys have any tips on bridal showers?
Think back to the best bridal shower you have been to, what made it stand out?


  1. I definitely want a bridal party that has the first picture in it! So pretty!

  2. oh my gosh! I love this blog too :) We have very similar tastes! My shower coming up is a tea party theme, you will have to come check it out in a few weeks!

  3. I would most definitely love to attend a coffee and cupcake shower. Quick someone throw one and invite me!

  4. Ok Nikki let's do it! Ok maybe not for a bridal shower but just for fun:-)

  5. Shana~ Thank you my new blog friend! Yes and I will watch out for pics, sounds like a fun party:-)

  6. these are great ideas! i'll be planning another one very soon ... can't wait!!

  7. bridal showers aren't really done over here, but i think they will be, wedding photography is definately becoming more 'american' as i like to say, which is a good thing. and photographers have started to offer engagement photos which is new for us too.

  8. Ok it's settled then! When I do get married I will hire you to plan this party!

    xo Mary Jo

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