Sunday, October 30, 2011

~Back and Better Than Ever: The Groom's Cake~

The Groom's Cake
It has slowly been creeping back into weddings up here in the Northwest, woo hoo!

The groom's cake started in the Southern U.S. . . .
as a gift from the bride to the groom to showcase his interests/hobbies.

The groom's cake tradition:
"The history of a groom's cake goes like this. The groom's cake was not to be served to the guests while at the wedding reception, but rather it was to be sliced up, placed into packages and given to them as favors when they departed. Single women at the wedding would take their pieces of cake home and sleep with it under their pillows in hopes of dreaming of their future husbands."

The reason I love these cakes is that it is just one more way to showcase your personal and creative side in your wedding.
It's all in the fun details!!!

Also, a great way to include your groom into your wedding (he he sometimes they get no say . . . here's a way to tribute to them!

I love when bride's surprise their groom with a fun, quirky cake.

My last bride had a DVD shaped cake made for her hubby of his favorite show:
"White Collar"
The look on his face was priceless when we showed him this!

Some other great groom's cakes I'm loving:
For those Apple and MAC fanatics

For the XBox obsessed men

Beer lovers

For those guys who are always on their I-Phone

Legos! Maybe he loved playing with these as a boy?

(Photo taken by Stacy Reeves and made by Frosted Art Bakery)
For the Louis Vuitton fans out there

Now really who doesn't love Oreos?!

If you are married, did you get a groom's cake for your hubby?

If you are planning your wedding, are you getting your fiance one made?

I so wish I did this! 
I would make my hubby a globe cake as he LOVES to travel the world and plan trips.  
a British Airways 747-400 . . . he loves his planes.


Friday, October 28, 2011

~The Sweetheart Table: I'm a fan!~

What is sweeter than having a small table with JUST the bride and the groom to share their special moments together?

I've had a few of my brides choose this for their reception seating.
Another way to add some personalized decor and fun touches to a wedding, YES!

I'm a fan!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~Destiny and Fili's Wedding~

On August 28th 2011
{Destiny and Fili}
got married
 after years of dating.

They are simply adorable in every way.
I was honored to help with their special day.

I will do a thorough post with details, etc soon, here are just a few images I took before guests arrived.

I helped make 13 bouquets and boutonnieres.
I designed their program, helped set things up and had a BLAST!

More photos soon dears!

Monday, October 24, 2011

~Alternatives to Ring Bearer Pillows~

We all have seen the *uber cute* ring bearers 
(whether a young lad or a little puppy) 
that never make it down the aisle.
The adorable pillows that were handmade.

Yes that is pretty cute.
BUT times are changing as are traditions.
Pretty much anything goes now!

A few alternatives to the 
"ring bearer pillow"

The Ring Bearer bowl
(via one of my faves: Paloma's Nest)

Bird's Nest

A shell (for the ocean/beach weddings)

(for those beautiful fall weddings)

Wood Bowl
(for those rustic or barn weddings)

Heart cut out Book
(for those book worms, literary lovers, and librarians)

Which pillow alternative is your favorite?

What other ideas have you seen?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!
I sure did!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

~Fave Save The Dates~

I've been searching for some great 
"Save the Date" 
ideas for my brides . . .
and found SO MANY great ideas.
(for my Pinterest board chk it out here)

1) Painting Party
Cute little photo strip right?! LOVE this idea

So cute and simple!

and there are so many more fun ideas out there.
I think my fave right now is the first one, how adorable!

What was your favorite "Save The Date" that you have received???

Thursday, October 20, 2011

~Fun Vase DIY: Centerpieces?~

SUPER simple and chic and cute.

I'm so making these for a future inspiration shoot and will share photos.
Picturing this with silver or gold shimmer paint.

You like?!

To the brides:
If you need to make any crafts for your wedding or wedding decor, I'm a huge fan of letting your girls help! They WANT to trust me! Most girl's love getting together, love to help, and love weddings.  Ease your load and plan a girl's craft night with some vino.

I've done several girl's craft nights with my brides and their girls to hack out their weddings.  SO FUN AND saves a ton of moolah.

Psssst see the social media icons on the upper left?!
Yup just added those.  Click on them to find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, or to email me anything at all:-)  K yayyy thanks!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~Abiade & Ernie Sneak Peak~

Abiade and Ernie . . . you guys are adorable! I am so glad you chose me for your wedding planner.  It was a fun, crazy weekend celebrating with your friends and family. You guys are truly loved! 

My fave moments: 
The surprise choreographed dance to Usher's "Without You".
The amazing African ceremony Saturday
The classy lounge
Abiade's reception dress, WOW!

Photography sneak peak by Lin and Jirsa Photography.

Can't wait to show you guys the rest of the weekend's festivities!

Monday, October 17, 2011

~Lounge Me Pretty~

All of us in the wedding industry AND on blogs know that Style Me Pretty is THE wedding inspiration blog.  They are simply just fabulous!

One wedding decor trend that I still LOVE is the lounge area.
And this one from Style Me Pretty is GORGEOUS! Love the furniture, the soft draping, I would love to be a guest here!

Last night I wrapped up a two day wedding weekend, it was a BLAST and we have 2 lounge areas to show you soon.  I had the pleasure working with Pia from Lin and Jirsa Photography, from Orange County.  His photos are AMAZING and I can't wait to show you the sneak peaks soon.

Speaking of lounge, that is exactly what I am going to do after 17 hours of wedding craziness/fun!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

~Menu Options: Pick your Fave~

Hello out there!

I have been at home designing signs/menus/etc. for Abiade & Ernie's Wedding Weekend
Aren't they just adorable?

I am not any kind of graphic designer so don't be too hard on me lol.

Just a few simple samples for cocktail hour menu at Hotel 1000:

Their colors are grey and mustard yellow
Style simple modern chic.

I am so excited!

Let me know which one grabs your eye first. K thanks for your help!

Also working on signature drink sign, guestbook sign, candy station sign, build your own drink sign.

So much excitement I simply can not tell you how excited I am to get photos and share this wedding weekend with you!

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~Bellini Bar~

We all know fun drinks play a huge part in a fun wedding.
Or any event you host.
And how about a fun station for guests
(save moolah on bartenders: just make sure the venue is ok with this!)

Thank you Country Living for this fab idea:
~Bellini Bar~
 Most of us know what makes up a Bellini . . . 
but for those who don't (shhhh I won't judge!):

Perfect Peach Bellini
1 ounce peach puree
3 ounces champagne
1 peach slice for garnish

A few variations:
Frozen Peach Bellini
1 ounce peach schnapps
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
2 ounces peach nectar
3 ounces chilled dry sparkling wine or champagne
½ cup crushed iced

Quick and Easy Bellini
1 ounce peach schnapps
3 ounces dry sparkling white wine or champagne
1 dash grenadine
To add some fun to your Bellini station
throw in some grapefruit juice (pink mimosa), 
orange juice (mimosa), 
passion fruit juice (passion mimosa)
Ok then I guess it would be a mimosa station, but Bellini sounds more fun!
OR find your fave way to serve champagne and make your own drink station!
With the holidays just around the corner . . .
I think I'm liking this idea for hosting a party.


Monday, October 10, 2011

~Destiny and Fili's Wedding~

On August 28th I was able to help Destiny and Fili with coordinating their 
Samoan/Mexican wedding.
Destiny is such a sweet lady, and they are just a cute couple!
They incorporated both cultures into a super fun performance and dance filled wedding reception!!!
I was in awe during the Samoan dancing and singing, as well as the Mexican dances.  Such a fun time we all had.
I also helped by putting together THIRTEEN bouquets and THIRTEEN boutonnieres.  
Tried my hand at florist work and it was fun!
I will post more details soon after I meet with Destiny for coffee at "our place".  For now here is a link to the amazing photographer's photos of the event:
and a few sneak peaks:

As always . . . more to come soon!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

~Corey and Kyle's Wedding~

What an amazing wedding it was!
So glad Corey found me online to help with her wedding.  
She is one of the sweetest ladies I know, and not to mention gorgeous! 
(Reminds me a little of J Lo!)
She had so many fun ideas for her wedding, and I just helped her implement these.
Turned out perfect!!!

I will do some posts about her wedding, details, etc. soon.
For now here is one of my favorite photos from her wedding, by one of the best photographers I know
 Corey in her Vera Wang gown . . .
and 2 of her daughters

flower fairies

 walking outside on the dock at The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, WA

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~Melissa's Wedding~

One of my bestest friends got married just over a month ago
Congrats Melissa and Tim!
Me, the gorgeous bride and Michelle
The hubby and myself

Woooops Tim you missed her mouth . . .

She's pretty adorable with her red lips huh?! 
Psssst . . . I helped make the bouquets and boutonnieres, that's what friends are for!

Monday, October 3, 2011

~Baby Shower Treats~

We recently had a work baby shower for Bekah and her adorable new baby girl
Penelope Rae.
They were waiting until birth to know if boy or girl, so we decided to have a shower after (love these b/c we can all hold the baby!)

I made stuffed mushrooms
and red velvet cupcakes.

 With help from our munchkins
 LuLu rolls over for treats!
Then off to the shower at lunch break at the Orthodontist
(yes I work a full time job AND wedding plan!)
 We all took turns holding the sweet baby
 The proud mama and my cupcakes :-)
 (I'm kind of proud of these)

 Awww sweet pea!
Don't you just love showers?!