Friday, August 29, 2014

{Simply Engaged: Tara & Branden}

Another fabulous Simply by Tamara Nicole couple . . .
is getting married TOMORROW!!!

Part of my series:

Simply Engaged

Here's a glimpse into the sweet couple that is
{Tara & Branden}

. . . 

Wedding Date: August 30th 2014
Wedding Location: Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, WA

{How did you two love birds meet?}
We met while working together at the mall our senior year in high school. We lived over an hour apart from each other so if wasn't for this job who knows if we would have ever met!!

{How did he pop the big question?}
Branden loves to tell this story because I actually turned him down when he first asked. But the story goes something like this (of course depending on who you ask): On December 27th 2012 Branden (looking dashing in suit I must add) walked out of the elevator on the 19th floor of my work carrying a box of chocolate covered strawberries. I knew something was up once he walked straight towards me smiling with that mischievous grin of his. He walked around the reception desk, dropped down to one knee and before he could say one word I said “NOO! Seriously, here?!!”. I asked him to hold his thoughts and wait since it was 2 minutes till my lunch. I didn’t want it to happen at work so about 10 minutes later on our way to lunch, I told him “okay, I’m ready now!!”. And trust me this time I said YES!

{What is your fave date spot/activity?}
We love to go to dinner and a movie, but honestly our favorite spot is right at home. It may sound weird to a lot of people but we are true homebodies and to be right here together couldn’t get any more perfect. We don’t need a fancy dinner or a couple drinks to have a great time together. A home cooked meal, a great tv show and a fun game is all it takes for us.

{What is your fave part about the wedding planning process?}
I know Branden would say test tasting the cake and doughnuts, but for me it would be planning every detail with him. He has been there for every step of the way from the tiniest details for the invitations to picking out the biggest which was our venue. 
I have to say I am the luckiest lady to be marrying such and incredible man!

{Advice for planning a wedding to other couples?}
Take as long as you can and enjoy each moment of the engagement for there is no reason to rush it. 
I mean you’re already planning on spending the rest of your lives together so by taking an extra 6-8 months to plan won't be that much time in the long run. We’ll have been engaged for 18 months on the day we marry and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. We were able to take our time and select each vendor (like Tamara!!) on our own time without having to stress or rush into any decision. It makes things so much easier, trust me! Also don’t worry about what great aunt Betty thinks or wants. This is your day and about the start of your lifelong journey together.

{His faves}
Tara’s baking
Under Armour

{Her faves} 
Smoosh (our business together)

{What first caught your eye?}
The funny thing is I thought Branden was a little weird when we first met. Maybe I was too cool or something at the time but he was also just not my type. He had spikey hair and a mischievous smile. But the night he walked me to my car after work was the night he truly caught my eye. 
He was gentleman, I’d never met anyone so sweet.

{On my wedding day I am most excited about . . . }
The first look, I’m going for tears!! Also being surrounded by so much love and support from our family and friends. Sharing this moment with them is something we both look forward to.

{Fave meal your fiance makes for you?}
When we can we actually like to cook together, but we both love our bbq pork rib nachos and lasagna. YUMMM!

{If we could travel anywhere for our honeymoon w
e would go to . . . }
We’re going to Cancun for our honeymoon and we can’t wait to zipline, parasail and snorkel. We’re very excited about the all-inclusive resort food as well, the wedding will be over so we can indulge a little.

. . . 

I just adore these two, can't believe it's already your wedding day tomorrow!!!

SO happy for you both!

Friday, August 1, 2014

{Simply Engaged: Surrey & Matt!}

I can't wait to share more of my AMAZING clients and their love stories with you!

as part of my series:

Simply Engaged

I am so lucky!

Here's a glimpse into the lovely couple that is
{Surrey & Matt}
. . . 

Wedding Date: September 13th 2014
Wedding Location: Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma

 {How did you two love birds meet?}

"We met at a mutual friend's house whose name is also Matt. My Matt opened the door and pretended to be my friend Matt. I didn't believe him but he insisted so I made him show me his driver's license to prove it  . . . and the rest is history. :)"

{How did he pop the big question?}

"At his dad's house on New Year's Eve 2012. 
It was where we had our first kiss
He had wanted to propose in front of a bonfire to really recreate the moment but he didn't tell anyone what he was doing aside from asking for my parent's permission earlier in the day. Needless to say, his dad vetoed the idea so Matt went with Plan B and tried to propose at the top of the hill while the neighbors were lighting their fireworks. By the time we got to the top, the fireworks had stopped and I immediately wanted to walk back and get out of the rain/cold. Worried that he was going to lose his shot, he stopped me in the driveway and told me how much he loved me and that he had one question for me.....I felt him reaching into his pocket and looked down and saw a ring box. He then asked me to marry him and all I could think to say was, "Seriously?!" 
Of course I said yes immediately after. :) "

{What is your fave date spot/activity?}

We love to eat! 
We love to try new restaurants. John Howie and Umi's are a few of our favorites. 

{What is your fave part about planning your wedding?}

"Trying all the food and desserts!"

{Advice for planning a wedding to other couples?

"Start planning early! 
And try to remember the day is about you as a couple or you'll go crazy trying to please everyone."

{Her Faves}
sparkling wine

{His faves}

{What first caught your eye?}

"Oddly enough Matt wasn't my typical "type" of guy that I went for. He had long hair, tattoos, a total rocker vibe but his personality and fun attitude caught my attention. I'm glad I ended up straying from my norm. :)"

{On my wedding day I am most excited about . . . }

"Finally being able to call Matt my husband!"

{Fave meal your fiance makes for you?}

"Matt loves my stuffed tomatoes! I love when he makes me eggs for breakfast in bed. :)" 

{If we could travel anywhere for our honeymoon we would go to . . .}

"Bali and lay on the beach eating all the food we've missed eating because we've been on this crazy healthy wedding diet and enjoying a few dozen drinks together."

Surrey & Matt I can't wait to help with your BIG DAY!!!
Thanks for sharing with us!