Monday, December 31, 2012

~Happy New Year!~

This year has FLOWN by so fast! I wish I had time to write a whole 2012 in review, but I don't lol.  
Finished up my last wedding of 2012 last night, it was AMAZING and so very full of love!! Can't wait to share all of the details with you guys.  

One of my main goals for 2013 is to catch up on blogging my weddings, shoots, and stay on top of things.  Now that I have done 22 weddings this year, there is a LOT to catch up on.

2012 was an AMAZING year for SBTN, and I can't wait to see what is in store for my little business in 2013!!!

(This is from a recent styled shoot I did at Hollywood Schoolhouse, photography by La Luz Photography.  Makeup/Hair by Yessie Makeup Artistry, Vintage Ambiance (chandelier), Luly Yang Couture,  Florarama Modern Design, etc! Can't wait to share the rest!)

See you in 2013!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

~Rustic Dessert Table~

Hi Ya'll!

Here's a photo of our lovely dessert table at our styled "Rustic Rootbeer" shoot.
I LOVE this shoot and we all had so much fun.
Pretty, right?!
Here are a few close ups of One Divine Party's table details:

Photography by Clane Gessel 
Styled Shoot by Simply by Tamara Nicole
Dessert table styled by One Divine Party 
Print Work by The Knot and Feather
SO much fun!!!

Are you a big fan of dessert tables at weddings?  
Gotta love more options than just cake, right?!

Monday, December 24, 2012

~Simply Engaged: Kendra & Dan~

(Engagement Shoot by C2 Photography)

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!!!

Instead of posting about holiday stuff I want you to meet an amazing couple of mine for 2013!!!

This here is another post in my new series: 

Simply Engaged

I am super stoked to give you another peak into my amazing clients.  I am so lucky!

So here's a little more about the uber cute 
{Kendra & Dan}
. . . 

Wedding Date: April 20th 2013
Wedding Location: The Yacht Club on Lake Union

 {How did you two love birds meet?}

"We were introduced by my Maid of Honor back in 2009. She arranged a group meet-up with some coworkers and I knew about the set up but Dan did not! I had my doubts and even considered not going but boy am I glad I did! 
We hit it off right away 
and instantly connected. We have been together ever since!"

{How did he pop the big question?}

"Dan popped the question on June 7, 2012 at his parent's vacation home in Ocean Shores, WA. It was just the two of us and our dog on the dock of the lake house at sunset where we spent our first weekend away as a couple. Dan even managed to surprise me, which is very difficult as I tend to pry into everything."

{What is your fave date spot/activity?}

"We love just drinking wine at home and watching a movie or one of our favorite shows on TV. We also love to travel anywhere we can (whether near or far), 
and enjoy a nice meal out."

{What is your fave part about the wedding planning process?}

"I love just thinking about our day and what it will be like to have all our friends and family there to celebrate with us. 
I can't wait to see his face the first time he sees me in my dress!
I also love DIY projects and crafts so its fun thinking of all the great projects out there."

{Advice for planning a wedding to other couples?}

"I should probably take my own advice but just 
take a moment to enjoy your engagement and each other
This is a special time and it can be overwhelming at times so it's important to slow down and remember to take time to enjoy it. 
Also, if plan A doesn't work - there are 25 more letters in the alphabet!"

{Her faves}
shoes, bar method, wine, caramel, coffee, country music 

{His faves}
 playing basketball, beer, football, the stock market, jeans

{What first caught your eye?}

Kendra: His smile. He was cute and a little awkward, which I find attractive :)

Dan: She was very easy to talk to and she was pretty. :)

{On my wedding day I am most excited about . . .}

Kendra: "Saying our vows in front of all our friends and family. Getting to see family from far away. And the party, of course."

Dan: "Starting our new life together. And the party as well!"

{Fave meal your fiance makes for you?}

Kendra: "I love to cook, but with our busy schedules haven't been able to as much as I would like to. Dan doesn't go near the kitchen, which I am fine with. Love when he grills though."

Dan: "I like anything she cooks but I love Kendra's enchiladas and shrimp pasta!"

{If we could travel anywhere for our honeymoon we would go to . . .}

Hawaii or Puerto Rico and visit all the beaches, eat local food, snorkel and play in the ocean and sip cocktails. Pure relaxation!

What a cute engaged couple!

Thank you Kendra and Dan for sharing this with us
{Thank you C2 Photography for the great photos!!!}

and I can't wait to help you on your BIG DAY April 20th 2013!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

~Weekend Wedding Snapshot~

Don't you just love weddings?! Yes I do . . . how could you not?!

This snapshot is by Alante Photography, from Ramus and Fahm's wedding we did together this past July at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, WA.  What a fun wedding it was! More from this wedding soon :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

~Simply Engaged: Chelsea and Riley!~

Hello all of my lovelies!!!

This here is another fun post in my new series: 

Simply Engaged

I am super stoked to give you another peak into my amazing clients.  I am so lucky!

So here's a little more about the adorable 
{Chelsea & Riley}
. . . 

 Engagement photography is by the talented Amanda Wilson Photography

She's From: Seattle, WA
He's from: Montana

Wedding Day: July 26th 2013

Location: Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, WA

{How did you two love birds meet?}
"I had seen Riley around campus a few times and thought he was really cute! It was my sophomore year at Eastern Oregon University and just before Christmas break I found myself at a party at Riley's apartment that he shared with Steve and De Andre. We chatted for a bit but I didn't think anything of it until I got a call from Riley over winter break asking if I wanted to hang out once school was back in session. I agreed and we hit it off right away, we made it official on January 16th and have been together ever since!"

{How did he pop the big question?}
"I had been out of town for a month visiting my mom in South America over Christmas and New Years and was feeling more than a little homesick. When I returned to the states Riley came to meet me in Seattle where I grew up and where my parents still lived. We spent about a week there and on our fourth anniversary together we took Izzy for a walk along Lake Washington. It was a rainy Seattle day and we came to a rocky beach where we stopped to let Izzy play in the water. Riley told me to look for a spot to set up the camera so that we could take a picture of ourselves with the lake and Seattle in our background. I went looking and as I turned around Riley was on one knee getting ready to ask me to marry him. I started crying and immediately said YES!!"

{What is your fave date spot/activity?}
"Going out to eat on the weekends has sort of become our thing and just about every week we find ourselves at the Vietnam Grill here in Missoula sharing a meal together. There are a few other staple restaurants that we go to but somehow we always come back to the Vietnam Grill."

{What is your fave part about the wedding planning process?}
"Seeing everything come together! At first planning a wedding, especially from afar seemed really, really daunting but so far everything has worked out perfectly. Our amazing planner has been such a huge help and were so glad to have her be a part of the process. I also love seeing how Riley and I work together and how involved he's been so far as its great to have his ideas and input."

{Advice to planning a wedding to other couples?}
"Be in the moment, and its never too early to get started. Also don't let the little things get in the way of the big picture, at the end of the day as long as your married to the one you love then you did everything right :)"

{His/Her faves}

Chelsea's Faves: 
Working Out. When I first met Riley the thought of setting foot in a gym did not appeal to me at all but Riley being an exercise science major and on the football team, it was a major part of his life. Riley was extremely patient and encouraging and got me into fitness and now we're work out fanatics! I also love to bake and cook. Hiking, and anything outdoors as we live in a beautiful state and will always take our dog Izzy on a long hike over the weekends. Beading and jewelry making, and scrap booking. There's also nothing quite like curling up with a good book on a rainy day.

 Riley's faves:  
"Riley is also really into staying active and being healthy. He's a Montana boy so he loves anything outdoors from backpacking and hiking to snowboarding, fishing, and cross country skiing. The NY Giants, and of course the Montana Grizzlies during football season. Riley's a huge football and sports fan and played all throughout his high school and college career and now coaches football, basketball and track this coming spring. He's also a big fan of the local breweries here and is a huge fan of a good brewsky :)"

{What first caught your eye?}

"Riley was quite the ladies man on campus and was very athletic, had a great smile, and got along with everyone! He was extremely approachable and very easy to talk to."

{On my wedding day I am most excited about}
"Seeing all of our friends and family and having everyone come together to share our special day!"

{Fave meal your fiance makes for you?}
"Riley doesn't do much cooking as I am usually the one in the kitchen but I am known for my desserts and when it comes to baking we usually know its going to be something good :)"

 {If we could go anywhere for our honeymoon}
"I would love to go the Fiji and see all of the beautiful beaches to spend a week in paradise. Riley would love to go to either Italy or Paris for a more cultural experience. His travel endeavors aren't quite extensive as mine so I think he wants to experience something new. 
As long as were together we can make anywhere and adventure and always have so much fun!"

They are pretty darn adorable right?!

Thank you Chelsea and Riley for sharing this with us, 
and I can't wait to help you on your BIG DAY July 26th!!!


Monday, December 10, 2012

~Our "Mock" Engagement Shoot with Laura Marchbanks!~

Most of you know that we have been married for over 4 years now (YAY!)

But everyone loves a fun photo shoot, right?!

So when I saw on FB that the super talented local photographer Laura Marchbanks was looking for "models" for some engagement session ideas, I jumped on it! 
(hubby was kind of pushed into it, but what guy really loves photos?!)

I was super excited about Laura's vision: Northwest Bohemian Chic 
(or something like this!)
It's not our normal style, BUT let me tell you we had SO much fun! We now have flannel shirts that we wear once in a while b/c of this shoot! Lol.

Another super cool fact: Laura shot with film! That seems to be hard to find these days right?! Skills!
(Kodak Portra 400. Mamiya 645 AFD. 80mm lens.)

My hair and makeup was done by the oh-so-amazing Yessie from Yessie Makeup Artistry.  She is my fave and go to girl for all of my brides!

Anywho here are some photos from our shoot! 
(and here is Laura's blog post about it: here)
 (he totally looks like a model!)
 These outfits were too fun

 (one of my faves!)


 Our Christmas card!

 (another fave!)

Isn't my hubby just adorable!?!?!

Thanks Laura and Yessie!
The braids, 
the curls, 
the lashes, 
the faux fur, 
the plaid.  


Maybe a yearly tradition for an anniversary photoshoot? :)