Sunday, June 30, 2013

{Happy Anniversary Tristen & Mike}

to my dear Tristen and Mike!!!

I can't believe it has been a full year, geesh that went by fast! I am so proud of you guys and your marriage.  I mean you guys will soon be a family of 3!!!

See their full wedding here

Congrats guys!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

{Weekend Wedding Snapshot}

Happy Weekend!!! 
How was yours? Do anything fun??

I went to a baby shower, a birthday party, and tomorrow I am hosting a bridal shower.  Boy do I love parties!!! 
I just might be in the right industry, no?

Anywho on to the weekend wedding snapshot . . .

Here's a super adorable photo by Blue Rose Pictures from Brittany and Aubin's wedding. Taken before the ceremony, B & A didn't want to see each other, so the photographers blind folded him for some photos.  

I just love this! He looks a little confused and doesn't know where to look.  What a sweet couple they were!!!
And those bridesmaid dresses, right?!?!
Venue: The Sanctuary at Admiral
Flowers: The Flower Lab
Bridesmaid dresses: Nordstrom


Friday, June 21, 2013

{Tristan and Mike's Wellspring Spa Wedding in the Woods}

OH what a day this was, for such an amazing couple!
No matter the weather, everyone had such a great time and you could really feel that 
"All You Need is Love"

They love the Beatles, okay? :)

Here are some photos from Tristan and Mike's wedding

The Groom!

How sweet is this ceremony space, in the middle of the woods?!

 My gorgeous bride:
 Hiking up to the bridal cottage:)

 The Ceremony:

 Mike catching a glimpse of his bride, the expression is priceless:)

 AND right at the end of the ceremony came a DOWNPOUR!
 But everyone was ready with their umbrellas:)

 Ringing the bell after the wedding!
 Time for Cocktail Hour! Oysters, lawn games (yes even in the rain) and fun times:)

 The seating arrangements got a little wet, but still cute:

 Family photos:
 The rustic sweets bar!
 Here's some honey favors, YUM!

 Oh yes this really happened!

 This first dance was super sweet, with the boy holding her dress :)

 And I won't forget Mike's dance before the removal of the garter! Hilarious:)

 Congrats Tristen and Mike . . . 
I will never forget your fun wedding! ALSO a huge congrats, they are now 
expecting a baby:) 

Oh how I love love!!!

The Team:
Wedding Coordinator: Simply by Tamara Nicole
Cake and Officiant: family friends