Thursday, October 13, 2011

~Menu Options: Pick your Fave~

Hello out there!

I have been at home designing signs/menus/etc. for Abiade & Ernie's Wedding Weekend
Aren't they just adorable?

I am not any kind of graphic designer so don't be too hard on me lol.

Just a few simple samples for cocktail hour menu at Hotel 1000:

Their colors are grey and mustard yellow
Style simple modern chic.

I am so excited!

Let me know which one grabs your eye first. K thanks for your help!

Also working on signature drink sign, guestbook sign, candy station sign, build your own drink sign.

So much excitement I simply can not tell you how excited I am to get photos and share this wedding weekend with you!

Wish us luck!


  1. How fun! The mustard yellow one grabs my eye first, but that might just be because of the bright color agains to neutrals, but it is fun and inviting too! I also like how you accented the symbol in the lower left corner of the darker grey one with yellow to accent it! Nice work!

    Liesl :)

  2. I like the last one. Easy to read and the initials in yellow pop! I'm hungry now it all sounds amazing!

  3. Everything sounds fabulous! The last one's for me too! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  4. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥

  5. nice blog!! :) i'm following you! :)

  6. i don't know why but the grey one definitely catches my eye first. i think it looks very elegant and simple.


  7. Have fun with the wedding and I pick the last one!

    XoXo, Bree
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