Monday, October 3, 2011

~Baby Shower Treats~

We recently had a work baby shower for Bekah and her adorable new baby girl
Penelope Rae.
They were waiting until birth to know if boy or girl, so we decided to have a shower after (love these b/c we can all hold the baby!)

I made stuffed mushrooms
and red velvet cupcakes.

 With help from our munchkins
 LuLu rolls over for treats!
Then off to the shower at lunch break at the Orthodontist
(yes I work a full time job AND wedding plan!)
 We all took turns holding the sweet baby
 The proud mama and my cupcakes :-)
 (I'm kind of proud of these)

 Awww sweet pea!
Don't you just love showers?!


  1. Red velvet cupcakes are my favorite...what a lovely baby shower and I love how you made the cupcakes all cute! The little one is adorable!!!

    Liesl :)

  2. The cupcakes look wonderful! Looks like a fun event. Thanks for stopping by my blog xoxo

  3. Fun pics! I love the idea of having a party after!

  4. that looks so yummy. mmm, i love red velvet. my sister used to make some every New Year.


  5. Red velvet cupcakes are pretty amazing! :-) And yes, after the fact showers are fun, kind of keeps the excitement going!