Sunday, October 2, 2011

~Doughnuts Anyone?!~

The hubby and I 
(yes I drag him places with promises of free treats!)
Just got back from the Wedding Preview Event
Wanted to check out some vendors and see what they had in store.
I saw 4 wedding vendors that were in our NW Budget Brides Wedding Expo and chatted it up.
Also found a few new vendors that I liked.

One was 

Ohhh.  Myyyy.  Gooodness!
I had a smokey bacon maple doughnut hole . . . UH MAZING!
I totally grabbed some of their cards and spoke with the baker for future brides . . .
I mean it's so trendy to do something different in place of the traditional cake.

What do you think?  
Would you love a doughnut in lieu of cake???

Psssst I had an AMAZING time yesterday coordinating Mike and Lindsay's wedding. It was perfection! Can't wait to show you photos of their unique ceremony, all the adorable personal touches, games, Molly Moon ice cream truck, parasols, and so much more fun!

Met some fab vendors, got some great feedback from all the guests and the groom's mom said it was by far the best wedding she has ever been to. SWEET!


  1. I love this idea! I tried to get my friends to do it for their wedding! Oh well!

  2. Hahah I love it! I also drag my husband places..and bribe him with food :) WOrks like a charm! I love the idea of donuts in lieu of a cake! Different and fun! People will remember that forever!

  3. Lindsay: whatever works right?! Men will do anything for food lol:-)