Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~Wedding Dress Love: Johnna Ho~

Have any of you heard of the uber talented Johnna Ho?!
I fell in love with her dress from Bride Magazine's March issue

Sooo adorable! If I was to get married this Spring I'd wear this dress, so fun and girly.
(don't you ever wish you could get married every few years, just to plan another wedding?! Or am I just a silly wedding addict?)

A little information about Johnna's style:

"Johnna’s unique mix of California cool and New York chic have inspired a loyal following. "I design these dresses for the woman who sets trends in her every day wardrobe," says Johnna. "Why shouldn’t she be able to express that same identity and charm on her wedding day?" The JOHNNA HO attitude keeps its finger on the pulse of high-fashion with a savvy collection of wedding dresses that speak to the woman who stands out from the crowd and embraces the sexy and outspoken spirit."

Sexy and outspoken?! Let's see it!

My favorite is the short one: Mandy
What I love about her dresses is that they are not the average gown. 
 Unique and different!

~Simply by Tamara Nicole~


  1. Gorgeous! I wish I had been a multiple dress kind of bride!

  2. Wow...those dresses are so stunning and I totally would wear the first one:) Have a lovely weekend, darling