Sunday, March 6, 2011

~Table Numbers~

I love it how people use the table numbers differently to add their personalities into their weddings!

We love to travel, and had different names of European cities with photos from us in those locations at each table.  (Paris, London, Rome, etc.)

Some other fun ideas:

Wine themed wedding, tables were named after different selections of wine, such as cabernet, champagne, etc.  Lovely idea!

Kelly of Yes, Please took ordinary cinder blocks and turned them into gorgeous planters (with a built in table number). How simple and cute!

Not only do the notebooks above function as table numbers, but they also provide guests with a place to record "love" notes for the bride and groom, how sweet!

For the book lovers, how cute is this?!

So many great ideas!
What did/do you plan on doing?

Oooh and a shout out to my newest bride Corey!
Sooooo excited to help with your gorgeous wedding.


  1. I still love the wine bottles. Edible table numbers are the best ;)

    We did plain ol' numbers in a frame. It was a destination wedding so it was either pack it or use what the hotel had!

  2. So cute!

    I recently saw a wedding where they used Scrabble letters for the table names :) It was so adorable.

  3. I love those wine bottles on the table. That is so beautiful.