Saturday, March 26, 2011

~DIY Weekend Project: Pom Poms!~

Pom Poms
We have all seen them around in photos of fun showers, parties, and weddings.

                                              Source: via stephanie d : maile weddings and events on Pinterest

They even sell them at Michael's (by Martha Stewart of course!)

They are just so simple, fun and cute.
You can use plain tissue paper, patterned, lace, tulle, doilies, fabric, yarn . . .

Or my favorite:
Old books!

Here's the DIY steps from Martha Stewart:

So I know these have been around for a little while, but with all the varieties I am still a fan.
(My fave is the old book pages, re-purpose and it's Green!)

I will be trying my hand at these . . . I even bought a used Shakespeare faded book to make some decor with.

What about you? 
Pom Poms or No Pom Poms?


  1. never seen these before! fab must try them it's not like i havent got any books lying around haha x

  2. These are great! Very different....I haven't even seen some of these before.

    I am a wedding blogger too! Hope you check me out.


  3. So lovely pictures...
    If you like my blog, follow me. I'll follow you too :).

  4. Oh, this looks like so much fun to make! Thanks for sharing!