Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~I'm baaaaack!~

Yup the hubby and I just returned from an AMAZING trip all over Germany.  It was FABULOUS! Much needed to refresh and re-group after a super duper busy wedding summer of wedding ever weekend for several months.

SO refreshed and recharged and ready to head into my amazing fall weddings!

Soon to come: PHOTOS of all of my summer weddings, I have a TON of amazing eye candy-filled weddings to share here soon!

Like this one:
(from the uber talented Affinity Photography)
Of an AMAZING couple and their Indian/American fusion wedding that we worked super hard on. LOVE them! Can't wait to share.

ALSO I may slip in a few posts full of pics from Germany (we took over 5000! Lol and they are amazing).

Take care xoxo

P.S. a huge WARM welcome to my newest bride Kendra and her fiance!!! You are so adorable and full of energy I can't wait for April 20th 2013!

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  1. Sounds like you were busy traveling the world! Love it!!! :)