Thursday, August 18, 2011

~I've Inspired a bride!~

This is pretty exciting. 

Yes that is my job to inspire my brides, but it's fun when it actually happens and they get excited about the "new knowledge"!

Back here I posted about using Starbucks frappe bottles as cute beverages for a baby shower I was throwing (or any party for that matter)

(AND actually I got no pics from the baby shower of the glasses. Sad.)

Here's Corey's glasses that she made after seeing my post on my blog:

Strawberry milk for the kids at her wedding

(Ignore my bad photography! Lol just waiting on the professional pics!)

Corey you are adorable, and so crafty you didn't even know it!
Great job hun!


  1. Very cute! I loev strawberry milk, I would've stold one from the kiddos ;)

  2. Thank u! All because of u!!

    ps..What is up with Nikki's spelling??lol! Late night maybe?