Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Drink Up!~

I love this look:
The cute milk bottles
The striped straws
The cute label

I actually love it so much that I recreated this look at a  
baby shower 
I hosted last weekend!!!

Where do you find these bottles?

I enjoyed some nice coffee . . . and saved the bottles for party decor.
It's a win win!

Oh yes and do not forget those straws!
These wonderful items can be found in many shops on Etsy, my favorite is: Hey Yo Yo

Cute right?


  1. That is such a cute and affordable idea!

  2. My Husband would love it if I brought home 20 of those frapps and said "drink up"!

    I bought my straws from that Etsy shop too. It was one of the best Etsy packages I've ever received, she does a great job packaging everything. I loved it!