Monday, May 16, 2011

~Escort Card Hunt . . . Part 1~

I've been scouring the web for some fun, fresh escort card ideas for my brides . . .

Oh and did I mention I had another few meetings this past week?!
I LOVE this job! So fun:-)

Ok enough of me . . .back to escort cards:
A few recent finds that I swoon over!

Scroll banner as escort card in yummy treat: brilliant!

Ok I am a HUGE fan of this . . . because you guys know how I love me some cake pops!

Anthropologie style alphabet mugs . . . but DIY! Add in your fave drink
(pictured here hot cocoa mix) and add a name a viola!

Luggage Tags!
Planning a travelers wedding, this is the perfect escort card/favor idea! LOVE!

These days people are all about dual function . . . so why not have your escort/seating card double as a favor?! That way it's not just a pretty piece of paper that will be thrown away, and it's less to lug to the wedding:-)

I have many more fun escort card finds coming this week, I have found SO many I can't wait to use these ideas in the weddings I help plan!

Any other great escort card ideas out there?
Enjoy your Monday!

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