Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~Destination Wedding: Hawaii!~

Yup you read that correct . . . here we come Hawaii!

I can't hardly wait to help my bride plan her
Hawaii destination wedding

I've been busy today researching photographers, make up artists, ideas, etc.

So fun!

Looking forward to . . .

Have you been to any destiantion weddings???
They are simply amazing!


  1. I used to live inside one of the most exclusive resorts in Maldives(One&Only) that was used by the rich and famous for a destination tell you the true I did not find it much value for money at all!
    Maybe because I do prefer the traditional church wedding?
    Tks for your visit;)

  2. THat should be so much fun...
    and romantic too.
    The couple are lucky to have you there ♥

  3. Lucky lucky! I had a destination wedding. Best decision ever. It prolonged the whole experience and we were all so relaxed. Because really, can you have a bad wedding on the beach with tropical drinks?

  4. Destination weddings are a blast! Everybody (including the vendors) absolutely love them!!! You have all of your friends/family with you so get to spend a load of time with them and share in a fun vacation too. It's fun for the bride/groom to go to another island to celebrate their honeymoon. I'm totally for them!!!

  5. now this will surely be a wonderful wedding. I am trying to convince my sister to do a destination know since I didn't have one.