Monday, April 18, 2011

~Vintage Furniture Rentals~

HUGE fan of furniture and props for decor.
It adds sooo much to a wedding
whatever the style is:


It just adds that special touch to the wedding decor.

So I am on the hunt for a Vintage rental company . . .

Searching the web for rental companies . . .

I found . . .
(vintage rentals)
based out of Fullerton, Ca

A few statement pieces from Found:

I've always swooned over wedding photos using couches like above!

Love. It. All.

I searched and searched all over the internet for a vintage rental company in Seattle, and found VINTAGE AMBIANCE!!

What are your thoughts on furniture rental for weddings?
Stepping outside the box can be a good thing!

Enjoy your week!


  1. I think it all looks great, and nothing wrong with renting what you want to make it just how you visualize it.

  2. i think my friend rented furniture from here for her wedding! (I just went and checked and she did!)

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  4. There actually is a vintage rental company in your area and the owner is incredibly friendly and knows her stuff!

  5. One True Love: I know I found her! So funny:-) Thank you!

  6. I think Red Rooster Antique Mall on Whidbey Island rents for weddings too!!

  7. Also check out Auntie M's Mercantile Vintage & Rustic Wedding Rentals (South Seattle) for a great selection of furniture, chalkboards, vintage dishware, milk glass and all things vintage decor.

  8. I am quite impressed with the photos you posted. Very unique and well decorated! Perfect for couples who want a creative wedding. I love the green door with the threshold adorned with flowers. I think I would opt for an outdoor furniture hire in Sydney for my upcoming rustic themed wedding.

  9. So many people assume a lounge area is going to make their wedding or event feel like a night club, but really this type of seating creates intimate spaces for more private and personal conversations. Some furniture is sleek, other is vintage or rustic, and they all help break up a reception space. Demir Leather

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