Monday, April 4, 2011

~Favor Idea: Cake and Brownie Pops~

These would work for any kind of party (bridal shower, birthday, wedding, etc.)

Cake Pops
Brownie Pops

They are just so cute, small and simple, yet yummy!

                                    Source: via La Boda de tus SueƱos | Wedding & Event Designer on Pinterest

Yummy treat goodness!

AND actually I am making these this week, along with cute tags
(Simply Enjoy!) other side: (Your Wedding Planner: Simply by Tamara Nicole)
for an event at a local lingerie boutique

Thursday night for a launch of bridal lingerie . . . champagne, truffles, lingerie . . .
around 50 people . . . pics to come later this week!

Happy Monday!


  1. i love this.

    a friend brought some beautiful cake balls over to my room last night. they were divine.

  2. Those first favors are amazing! I love the elegance of them!


  3. They have similar ones at my local starbucks. They are soooooooo cute!

  4. wait a second... cake pops AND brownie pops? This is just getting outta control! Congrats on your event on Thursday! I'm so excited for you! (do you also get a discount on the lingerie?)

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  6. i love cake/brownie pops!! they are such cute and fun favors!!

    congrats on your event... have fun!

  7. Oh cake pops and brownie pops are so yum! Congrats on your event too. Can't wait to see photos of the end result :)