Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Wedding Love: Melissa and Jonathan~

I am sooo in love with this photo!
photographed by Gideon Photography.

What's not to love right?!

The french flair
Pasteries and baked goods
A super cute garland
A lovely kiss.

Tres Chic!
For the rest of the lovely photos, chk it out here.

~Tamara Nicole~


  1. I love it! We have a family friend who owns a patisserie and I've always wanted to just have a party in his shop. Luckily my Husband does electrical work for him so we get lots of goodies out of the deal!

  2. You are a busy girl, these days! I am now following this blog too! xo

  3. Oh yes! Such a romantic and sweet photo! I love that garland:) happy Thursday, sweetie

  4. What a beautiful photo! But there's just one problem! It makes me want all those delicious sweets! YUMMY!