Sunday, February 13, 2011

~Show me a Sign~

I am a big fan of wedding signs . . .

Brandom Kidd Photography

Aren't these sooo cute?!

 I love how the signs/banners personalize the wedding, and make for some great photos!

Any of these you could do on your own!

For a tutorial on

DIY Wedding Banners . . .

chk out Bridal Cookie HERE

Pssst you can use fun banners like these for any party!

~Tamara Nicole~


  1. Idk why but I've never thought of these! So adorable

  2. Tamara! Weddings are so beautiful and make me so happy, just seeing photos do the trick! I really like especially the one of the couple (2nd pic up from the bottom) holding the banner!! When I get married, someday that may be something I'd like to do!!


  3. omg these are adorable. i swear sometimes i want to have another wedding just to plan cute things again :)