Monday, February 28, 2011

~Registry Lust: Kate Spade China~

Wedding Registry.
One of the many exciting things you and your groom will do together for your wedding . . . and stress free (usually).

Make a date of it
. . . go get coffee and a treat, OR go grab a glass of champagne or happy hour and then set out shopping and scanning your new life together!

This is a good test of compromising and agreeing!

Enjoy it, and don't take it too seriously where it effects your mood . . .
because guess what?!
You can always change it online after:-)

Current Registry Lust:
Kate Spade of New York

And they have so much more! Love the cute feminine look of their dishes,
for more info check here

Happy Registry!
Pssst . . . this is not a paid advertising at all, just my loves!

~Simply by Tamara Nicole~


  1. I love that confetti set! Beautiful!

    We only got one set of our china so I returned it and promised myself I could pick some in the future when I had more room to store them!

  2. im not much in to china but these are so cute!!

  3. I totally get caught up in the Kate Spade china too...half of it sits at my condo and the other half in my parents basement. Maybe one day I'll have a formal dining room...or a dining room for that matter! haha

  4. Thanks for your comment!! I love papayas too!! Never get to eat as much as I'd like though!! And I'm loving your blog as well!

    Guest registries are so fun now (haven't actually ever registered, but I've been with some friends picking out stuff) and the China patterns are so much more chic and fun than they have been in the past!! Right up my alley!