Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Big News #2}

It's crazy how as much as you plan (in detail) your life out, 
that sometimes God has other plans for you! 

My BIG news #2 is that . . . 

We're having a baby!!!

(this photo is like 4 weeks ago, our little one probably looks a lot different by now!)

We are SO excited, friends and family all know, and I have emailed all of my weddings for this year.  I have to tell you I have the BEST clients ever! We were kind of expecting to refund a lot of weddings, but so far they all want to stick with me and work with my "team" if needed! 
(love you all!)

WHICH brings me to another big deal . . . I have been training my AMAZING best friend and sister to help out and join the company! I will be posting more about this later, but I must tell you that I am SO excited for this year!!!

SO as a first time mama I would LOVE any tips/advice etc etc! I feel like I know nothing :) But it will be a fun adventure!

Here we go for an AMAZING 2014!

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  1. Congratulations!!!!! how exciting! No words of wisdom from me, as am not a mamma nut lots of hugs!!