Friday, August 2, 2013

{Simply Engaged: Kelly & Justin}

Simply Engaged

I am super stoked to give you another peak into my amazing clients.  I am so lucky!
Kelly actually is a friend of another couple that I helped with their wedding
(remember Rachel and Matt???)
SO very glad Rachel gave my info to Kelly.  She is such a fun chic!

 . . .
Here's a little more about the super sweet 

{Kelly & Justin}
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Wedding Date: December 21st 2013
Wedding Location: Court in the Square

 {How did you two love birds meet?}

      Kelly: "We met through mutual friends in August 2010. We went to the same high school but we ran in different circles and were a grade apart. It took a few years after we graduated high school to actually meet, but 
we've been together ever since!"

{How did Justin propose?}

       Kelly: "Justin proposed in December 2011. It was a picture perfect scene, in the snow along the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth. I knew it was coming for the previous six months, and knew it was happening the entire day before he actually proposed. I even stopped him moments before he started to ask because I got  nervous and needed a few minutes to collect myself!"

{What is your favorite date activity?}

    Justin: "We don't get to do it often, but I love traveling with Kelly! She's planned a few small trips for us and they've been amazing. At home, I can't cook but I love when she gives me cooking lessons."

    Kelly: "Now that the Army is moving us around, I love when we can explore the area we're in. I also love to just veg at home with a good cup o' joe!"

{Favorite part of wedding planning?}

       Kelly: "My favorite part of the planning process has been my trip home to WA when I finally went to the venue we booked months ago! I was so nervous about booking our venue without having been there and just basing everything off of pictures online and talking to a friend of Tamara's who had her wedding there. I was definitely afraid of having buyer's remorse but as soon as I walked inside I knew it was meant to be! My second favorite part has, of course, been the cake tasting! Perfect excuse to binge on cake and not feel bad about it!"

{What is some good wedding planning advice for other couples?}

    Kelly: "What's helped me throughout the planning process...
     1. Focus on what you CAN do and not what you can't do. Seriously, this will save you some heartache!
     2. Don't let anyone rain on your parade! Most everyone will be super excited and happy for you, but there will be those few who might be jealous, think you're being too extravagant, not being extravagant enough, tell you the "right" way to do things, etc. 
To heck with them, it's your day, do it your way!
     3. It's super easy to get caught up in all the details of planning a wedding, but don't forget what follows, a marriage. Try not to get consumed by the fun that is a wedding. Nurture your relationship and keep it a priority over the wedding!"


goofing around with Justin
spicy food!

Kelly's baking
video games
spending time with Kelly
riding in tanks

{Wedding day}

      Justin: "I am most excited to see Kelly walking down the aisle. She's always beautiful, but I know she will be drop-dead gorgeous!"

      Kelly: "I am most excited to see how handsome Justin is all gussied up! I just can't wait for everything! It's been a really long engagement and we can't wait for this day to come and party with friends & family!"

{Favorite meals?}

     Justin: "Every meal Kelly cooks is my favorite meal, seriously!"
     Kelly: "Well.... let's just say that Justin really knows his way around a dishwasher!"

I mean really?? What is more adorable than two people madly in love, preparing for their BIG DAY?! These two are super sweet!!!

SUPER excited for this wedding, will be amazing.

Thanks Kelly & Justin!

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