Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{Simply Engaged: Judy & Anthony!!!}

AND another . . .

Simply Engaged

I am truly super stoked to show you ANOTHER of my lovely clients.  They are the best!

So here's a little more about the adorable 
{Judy & Anthony}
. . . 
who are getting married in THREE days
. . . 

{How did you two love birds meet}

"We met during Judy’s 1st visit to Sydney Australia for her cousin 
Stanley’s engagement party – 
Ant and Stan are childhood best friends. We had only met twice at family gatherings and barely spoke to each other, but after Judy went back to the states, we both found ourselves constantly thinking about the overseas stranger. So it started off with text, then emails, then phone calls, then skyping at all hours of the day…a 6 month long distance relationship, then Anthony moved to the Seattle…3 years later, 
here we are about to get married in just a few days!!"

{How did he pop the big question?}

"It was Friday, August 3rd. Over a couple of weeks he created a well thought out scavenger hunt for me all around the city, including all of our favorite spots. He provided each location with a red envelope with my next clue. He made me laugh, he made me cry (happy tears of course), he made me sweat my butt off cause it was a super hot day out and I made him my fiancé when I said YES!! Of course"

{What is your fave date spot/activity?}

"We love living in the city and enjoying all that it has to offer…being able to walk to our fave park, eating out at all the new places, and having drinks at the new bars/lounges with our friends…all within a few blocks from home makes us happy."

{What is your fave part about the wedding planning process?}

"Seeing it all finally come together…at first it was quite overwhelming with so many decisions to make (with both of us being so indecisive…Ant calls it “analysis paralysis” haha)… And..going to all of the fun wedding events!!"

{Advice for planning a wedding to other couples?}

"Take a deep breath…You can’t please everyone, and that’s okay. Be flexible to make compromises on some things but it’s YOUR day so focus on the two of you and what makes YOU happy!"

{His Faves}

{Her faves}
romance comedies
anything and everything spicy…

{What first caught your eye?}

{Him} her smile, big cheeks, beautiful eyes and bubbly personality.

{Her} his heightthose big ol’ lips…and the way he interacted and included everyone.

{On my wedding day I am most excited about}

{Him} Seeing Judy all dolled up, the smile on her face, just enjoying the entire day and all the days of planning come to fruition.

{Her} seeing his face when I walk down the aisle in my white dress, that he refused to know anything about until that moment . . . and of course the party and seeing all of our friends and family all in one place celebrating our awesome day with us! 

{Fave meal your fiance makes for you?}

{His} too many to choose but if I had to, her meat pies

{Hers} his roast chicken and veggie soup…yummm

 {If we could travel anywhere for our honeymoon we would . . .}

"take a month long trip and tour Europe, Italy and eat all the delicious local food, explore to our hearts content and just enjoy life…we are planning a belated honeymoon next year to Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, etc.) where we can live like royalty for like $20 a day."

ummm I am jealous!!!

I mean could they be any cuter??? Love this couple:)

Funny thing . . . we met in person at the Get Hitched Give Hope gala last fall.  I had a package I was donating and she was trying to win it.  She unfortunately didn't win . . . BUT she won my heart! Her, Anthony, my hubby and myself were able to chat over some drinks and get to know each other a little.  They just have this energy about them, it's pretty amazing! Ever since then we've been due for a double date happy hour . . . but we'll wait until after the wedding . . . THIS SATURDAY!!!! Soooooo excited!!!

{Simply by Tamara Nicole}

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