Monday, December 24, 2012

~Simply Engaged: Kendra & Dan~

(Engagement Shoot by C2 Photography)

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!!!

Instead of posting about holiday stuff I want you to meet an amazing couple of mine for 2013!!!

This here is another post in my new series: 

Simply Engaged

I am super stoked to give you another peak into my amazing clients.  I am so lucky!

So here's a little more about the uber cute 
{Kendra & Dan}
. . . 

Wedding Date: April 20th 2013
Wedding Location: The Yacht Club on Lake Union

 {How did you two love birds meet?}

"We were introduced by my Maid of Honor back in 2009. She arranged a group meet-up with some coworkers and I knew about the set up but Dan did not! I had my doubts and even considered not going but boy am I glad I did! 
We hit it off right away 
and instantly connected. We have been together ever since!"

{How did he pop the big question?}

"Dan popped the question on June 7, 2012 at his parent's vacation home in Ocean Shores, WA. It was just the two of us and our dog on the dock of the lake house at sunset where we spent our first weekend away as a couple. Dan even managed to surprise me, which is very difficult as I tend to pry into everything."

{What is your fave date spot/activity?}

"We love just drinking wine at home and watching a movie or one of our favorite shows on TV. We also love to travel anywhere we can (whether near or far), 
and enjoy a nice meal out."

{What is your fave part about the wedding planning process?}

"I love just thinking about our day and what it will be like to have all our friends and family there to celebrate with us. 
I can't wait to see his face the first time he sees me in my dress!
I also love DIY projects and crafts so its fun thinking of all the great projects out there."

{Advice for planning a wedding to other couples?}

"I should probably take my own advice but just 
take a moment to enjoy your engagement and each other
This is a special time and it can be overwhelming at times so it's important to slow down and remember to take time to enjoy it. 
Also, if plan A doesn't work - there are 25 more letters in the alphabet!"

{Her faves}
shoes, bar method, wine, caramel, coffee, country music 

{His faves}
 playing basketball, beer, football, the stock market, jeans

{What first caught your eye?}

Kendra: His smile. He was cute and a little awkward, which I find attractive :)

Dan: She was very easy to talk to and she was pretty. :)

{On my wedding day I am most excited about . . .}

Kendra: "Saying our vows in front of all our friends and family. Getting to see family from far away. And the party, of course."

Dan: "Starting our new life together. And the party as well!"

{Fave meal your fiance makes for you?}

Kendra: "I love to cook, but with our busy schedules haven't been able to as much as I would like to. Dan doesn't go near the kitchen, which I am fine with. Love when he grills though."

Dan: "I like anything she cooks but I love Kendra's enchiladas and shrimp pasta!"

{If we could travel anywhere for our honeymoon we would go to . . .}

Hawaii or Puerto Rico and visit all the beaches, eat local food, snorkel and play in the ocean and sip cocktails. Pure relaxation!

What a cute engaged couple!

Thank you Kendra and Dan for sharing this with us
{Thank you C2 Photography for the great photos!!!}

and I can't wait to help you on your BIG DAY April 20th 2013!!!


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