Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~Top 10 DIY Wedding Tips~

                                                                   Source: somethingturquoise.com via Tamara on Pinterest

What a great tip sheet on DIY-ing your wedding! You know I am all about DIY and craft projects! Great ideas here from Something Turquoise

My big tip that I always tell all my brides:
Plan a Girl's Craft Night 
with your bridesmaids and any friends that will help.
Offer some wine, some great snacks and bust out your projects!
(Maybe limit wine to 2 glasses, so they don't get too tipsy=messy projects! Lol)

In a few of my planning packages I lead a craft night, I come up with ideas, tell them what supplies are needed and show them all how to do them.  This way people are involved and you can get a lot done!

Happy DIY-ing!

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