Thursday, November 3, 2011

~Vintage Glam Styled Shoot by Moi! Part II~

Vintage Glam Inspiration Shoot Part II
Here's some more details of my girly shoot:

While planning this shoot I was lucky to meet Beckie from Vintage Ambiance Rentals.
She's pretty fabulous, AND has some great treasures that she rents out to people in Seattle.
I found some great silver teapots to use for my centerpieces,
A fun vintage clock,
A fabulous square table,
Pink/white old shutters to use as a backdrop
A fun white pedestal table
a silhouette (my fave item!!!)
And so much more.

I want her collection, bad!

Here are the photos (Simply Sonja Photography)
These beautiful bouquets/centerpieces were made by Petals and Rouge.  Anastasia is so talented I love her! She caught my vision immediately and rocked it.
Pink Diamond Cocktail anyone?!
This is one of the details I was most excited about!!
I found some white/silver edible glitter.
Dipped the rims of these glasses in melted white chocolate and then in the glitter.
Hard to see in the photos but it sparkles, AND tastes delicious!

Table Number: 
bought these letters at Michael's, and wrapped silver ribbon around them.

Milk and cookies.  
What a great "midnight snack" or kids area treat for a wedding.
For this I bought soft molasses cookies, punched a hole through the cookies and stuck these fun straws through.
(straws found on Hey Yo Yo on Etsy)
These bottles are actually Starbucks frappuccino bottles (I did a post on this back here).
They look just like vintage milk bottles!
Sign: I made using the same font as menu's *Champagne* and same silver embossed stamp.
Mmm they were good, we all enjoyed one after the shoot 
(even the venue manager loved it)
Don't you just love her blue heels?! And this dress from Calla Bridal is fabulous, perfection!
Birdcage veil from Tess Kim worked perfectly with her dress.
this bouquet has calla lillies and white roses with a few bling blings.  
Loved this one!

Seating cards: 
I made using same paper as the initials hanging from the shutter to carry through theme, with names printed on shimmer paper using Champagne font. 
Used an edge stamp. 
Simple yet chic.
Another one of my fave details: 
The favors
I don't know about you, but I am a huge sucker for weddings (hence the job!).  
I always cry, never fail. 
Here I have handkerchiefs for the guests!
Find some great hankies using colors that match your wedding,
fold them, tie a ribbon around them, and attach a cute message. Viola!
My message:
To Catch Your Tears"

I made these with some bling, pink, champagne font and silver.  I love direction maps in invitations, so helpful! With silver shimmer envelopes of course!
Made by Petals and Rouge.  My fave is the Calla Lilly one.  The other (below) is soft antique roses, so pretty!
The Send Off:
Oh just another fun detail for the girly glam girl.
A Glitter send off!!!
These envelopes each have some glitter inside.
Reads: "Sprinkle the Newlyweds with Glitter"
We took this outside and had too much fun with it!
My glitter shot! I so was excited for this!!!
Great job model Megan!!!
The Guestbook:
Vintage style: doilies!
"Make a Wish for the Love Birds"
This vintage bird cage was another fab item from Vintage Ambiance Rentals.

I first saw this next idea over on Hey Gorgeous Blog . . . and was a big fan! 
My take on it:
How can we be "Vintage Glam" without some fun vintage jewelry?!

Tea Anyone?!

Phewww what a long day it was running around and setting up, packing, unpacking, picking up dresses, etc.  
But it was well worth it and I simply can not wait for the next one!!!

Here's Megan and my sweaty tired self after a long, fun day:


*Photography by Simply Sonja Photography

*Styled by me (Simply by Tamara Nicole)

*Flowers by Petals and Rouge

*Dresses from Calla Bridal Boutique

*Cupcakes by Spirit Cupcakes

*Vintage Items: Vintage Ambiance Rentals


  1. wow you must be chuffed to bits!!

  2. These pictures are really pretty. I just love her dress and the pretty, pink drink.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. *sigh* such beautiful photos! i love them! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. wow!! i really enjoy viewing these photos!!i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really reaaally appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member. 

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  5. Love the glitter send off! Beautiful shoot and now I want one of those pink drinks!

  6. I'm so glad you somehow found my blog, because I then made my way over to your blog & am really excited to have found it! For several reasons, 1. I just left Washington (Tacoma to be exact) 2. Umm this shoot is to die for! It's beautiful!!! I love every last little detail! The vintage theme is amazing and I am such a huge fan of bird cages right now so that was just the cherry on top! 3. As an aspiring wedding planner, I'd love to have you (an actual professional wedding planner) do a guest post on my blog..... :)

    Anyway, sorry this comment is ridiculously long but I am just in love with this shoot & so I had to give lots of kudos! And hope the rain isn't too bad over there in Washington!! ;)